Bulletin 3

Published on 19th Aug, and Modified on 24th Aug.


Published on 22nd Aug. 2019.

Please bring your own apron, head kerchief and hand towel for Rest day and headlight for night activity.

Bulletin 2

Published on 7th April 2019.
Revised on 18th April ,11th July, and 20th July 2019.

Update: Rest day information

Please have each competitor and team official complete the google form by 25th July 2019: Go to Google Forms.

About Spectator Races, please check here.

Previous Map

Published on 7th April 2019.

Update: Rest day information

Kiyosato Utsukushimori, 1:10,000/5m, year 2014. (The previous map of Seisenryo and Forest in Kiyosato)

Embargoed Areas

Any attempt to survey or train in the embargoed areas is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by the organizer.

Bulletin 1

Revised on 25th January 2019.
Published on 26th December 2018.