Accommodation and catering are arranged in Rusutsu Resort Hotel. There are three categories (Rank A-C) in hotel accommodation with breakfast & buffet dinner. Rank D accommodation is room only. Rank-A room can be booked as a single room or twin room at an extra cost. Hotel rooms are wall-to-wall carpeting.

Log cottage accommodation (room only, no kitchen facility) is also available, which provides good private space for a team. Log cottages are a part of Rusutsu Resort Hotel, situated in just outside of the hotel buildings.

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Varieties of light meals are available in the resort. Also, Small convenience stores are in just 200m from the resort. The organiser will provide shuttle bus services to a supermarket nearby for the teams, which require extra food or snacks.

Accommodation prices (per person per night):
Rank A (3 bed room, Breakfast & Dinner)
- Single occupancy
- Two people sharing
12,600 yen
17,850 yen
14,700 yen
Rank B (2 to 4 bed room, Breakfast & Dinner) 10,500 yen
Rank C (Dormitory, Breakfast & Dinner) 8,400 yen
Rank D (Dormitory, No meals) 5,500 yen
Log cottage (No meals, price per night)
Max. 6 people 35,000 yen
10-12 people 48,000 yen
18-24 people 90,000yen
Single meal options in Rusutsu Hotel Resort for those who stay in Log cottage or Rank D accommodation:
Breakfast buffet 2,100 yen
Dinner-A (buffet) 3,675 yen
Dinner-B (course dinner or buffet) 4,725 yen
Other snacks and light meals are purchased in the resort at a cost of 800-1000 yen.