Competition Area

Terrain and tracks

The competition terrain consists of different types of forests and open areas. The competition area is partly flat and partly hilly with big altitude differences. Open areas are mainly on golf courses. Forest type is mainly deciduous forest and visibility is good nearly everywhere. In hilly areas there are many steep valleys. Also in the flat area there are small but uncrossable gullies. The competition area can be seen similar to the map of the embargoed area.

Tracks will be in 4 categories and percentages of each are as follows

  • ¶ 3-6 m wide tracks prepared with big ski track machine - wide continuous line - 3 %
  • ¶ 2-3 m wide tracks prepared by a track machine or by a snow mobile - continuous line - 36 %
  • ¶ 0,8-1,5 m wide tracks prepared by a snow mobile - dashed line - 61 %
  • ¶ < 1 m dotted tracks only in difficult terrain points