August-September 2019

Date Event
Tuesday, 27th Arrival, Registration, Model Event
Wednesday, 28th Opening Ceremony, Sprint
Thursday, 29th Rest day (Activity)
Friday, 30th Sprint Relay
Saturday, 31th Middle Distance, Closing Ceremony, Banquet
Sunday, 1st Departure

Location and Embargoed Areas

Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Revised on 7th April 2019
Any attempt to survey or train in the embargoed areas is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by the organizer.

Spectator Races

Spectator Races will be held from 30th August to 1st September 2019, that can be enjoyed by younger generations, elite and veterans.
Further information will be announced in early May.

Kiyosato International Orienteering 3 Days

(Shortname: Kiyosato 3 Days.)

Date Event
Friday, 30th Sprint, Night Sprint
Saturday, 31th Middle Distance (Asian Orienteering Cup/World Ranking Event)
Sunday, 1st Long Distance

AsJYOC 2019 Official Merchandise

O-shirt to be sold at event arena.
※Limited number. First come, first served basis.

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