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We, Japan Orienteering Association, welcome orienteers all over the world to the Japan Orienteering Championship 2012 as World Ranking Event (WRE). The event will be held in the western part of Japan, Hiroshima Prefecture. We offer you a good opportunity to take part in an international standard event as well as enjoy social occasion with many orienteers.

Japan Orienteering Association (JOA)

Kishi Memorial Hall,
1-1-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3467-4548 Fax: +81-3-3467-4549
E-mail: orienteering@japan-sports.or.jp

Event Organizer

Hiroshima Orienteering Association

Event Officials

Event DirectorTakashi SHIMIZU
Technical DirectorToshifumi YOSHIMURA
IOF Senior Event Adviser Toshio ONOYE (Japan)
Event ControllerKyokuichi SATO

1.General Information

Program and Venue:

Thursday, May 3rd Sprint distance (Local Event in nearby area)
(Kamitaisyaku, Shobara city)
Friday, May 4th Long distance (World Ranking Event)
(Skola-Kogen, Jinsekikogen town)
Saturday, May 5th Relay with 7 legs (Local Event in nearby area)
(Skola-Kogen, Jinsekikogen town)
  • * May 3rd - 5th are national holidays in Japan

Event center:

The event center will be set in Cosmo Dome in Skola-Kogen, Jinsekikogen town.

Location map:

Skola-Kogen is located on the Chugoku mountains, northeast part of Hiroshima Prefecture. It is accessible from Tojo town (20 minutes by car.) Distance from Fukuyama to Skola-Kogen is about 60km, and from Hiroshima to Tojo town is about 130km.

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[Official Bus Service]

Official bus services will be available from JR Fukuyama station in Fukuyama city (about 90 minutes.) Reservation is essential for this service.

Adult: 2,000 yen / one way
Children (7-12 years of age): 1,000 yen / one way
Children (under 6 years of age): Free

[By car]

From Chuugoku Expressway Shobara IC: 35 minutes
From Chuugoku Expressway Tojo IC: 15 minutes
A parking ticket must be booked at the time of entry.


A package tour for event participants will be arranged by the organizer. The tour will include bus transfers from/to Fukuyama Station, accommodation near the event center. Please contact JOA for further information.

Rank A: 18,000 yen per person per night (with 2 meals)
Rank B: 13,000 yen per person per night (with 2 meals)
Rank C: 6,000 yen per person per night
Rank D: 4,000 yen per person per night (cottage with 6 beds)

There is a limited availability for rooms. Bookings are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, so please contact the organizer as early as possible.


Classes for WRE are only M21E and W21E, with no age restriction.
In addition to the WRE classes, about 40 public classes set by gender and age are available.

Entry fee:

Entry fee of WRE and Elite class is 4,000 yen. Additional fee for late entry is 500 yen.

In addition to WRE on May 4th, a sprint event (May 3rd) and a relay event (May 5th) are also held in the nearby areas. Please note that these two events are NOT WRE events.

Entry feeSprint
May 3rd
May 4th
May 5th
24 years of age or over2,000 yenElite class: 4,000 yen3,000 yen
Public class: 3,500 yen
Under 24 years of age1,500 yen2,500 yen2,500 yen
Late entry+ 500 yen+ 500 yen+ 500 yen
Emit E-card rental fee
+ 300 yen+ 300 yen+ 300 yen


General entry procedure:

Entries can be made through e-mail or surface mail. Please note that entries are confirmed only after entry fee is paid.

1) e-mail

Download the entry form from our official web site http://www.orienteering.or.jp/joc/2012/en

Fill the form and send to the organizer by e-mail (joc.hiroshima@gmail.com).

The organizer will send you back an e-mail confirmation and invoice when the entry form is received. In case you do not receive our reply in a couple of days, please let the organizer know by e-mail or fax.

2) Surface mail

Fill the entry form of this bulletin and post it to:

Japan Orienteering Association
Kishi Memorial Hall, 1-1-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8050, Japan

Fees are payable by international bank transfer to JOA’ s bank account or by Paypal.

Details will be informed soon. The organizer kindly asks participants to cover any additional charges for bank transfer and Paypal payment.

Closing date:

Normal entry: March 31, 2012.
Late entry: April 10, 2012


The punching device is the Emit E-card (not SPORTident). Participants who wish to use their own card should report their card number in the entry form. Rental E-card is available at a cost of 300 yen.

3.Technical information

Competition rule:

The Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events (Valid from 1 January 2011) and the Guidelines for World Ranking Events (WRE) (2011 Edition) are applied to the WRE event. To public classes (non WRE), the Competition Rules of JOA are applied.


The terrain for the long distance is relatively steep terrain with height difference of about 195m (370-565m above sea level). Most part of terrain is covered by conifer trees and runnability is relatively good. However, there are some medium green as shown on the map. Some green are covered with wild roses which have thorns. Full cover O-suits are recommended. In many parts of the forest, cut and fallen trees are left, which makes runnability worse.

The terrain consists of two areas. The Mito-river divides it into two areas. One area, the northern one is Kami-Taisyaku area, which is called “Taisyaku-kyo” by local people. “Kyo” means ravine, and in the eastern side of the terrain follows the Taisyaku River. Along the rivers, both sides have steep slopes or cliffs of 80-100 meters high.

The other area, the southern one is called “Skola-kogen”. “Kogen” means highland or plateau, so the southern part of terrain is a kind of highland at the height of 500 to 550meters, surrounded with steep slopes and rivers. On the highland, some large and small sinkholes; “dolines” and a few deep pits which might lead to caves are seen. These places are called “Karst”.

Both parts of the terrain are rich in topographic features and narrow reentrants are well developed in the northern part. In the southern part, small hills cover the area. There are also some rocky features and charcoal pits.

And in lower parts of the highland, there are some vegetable fields. Also many chestnuts orchards are seen on the highland, but they are shown as forest with runnability A; easy- to- run area. Many mushrooms fields (prohibited area) can be seen in the forest, too. The terrain contains some tracks and some paths. Main paths are used by recreational hikers.


Maps according to the International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM 2000) will be used for WRE. Map scale is 1:15,000 and contour interval is 5m.

All terrains have been mapped for competitive orienteering previously with high standard.

"Taishakukyo": 1:15,000, 1:10,000, 1998.3
"Skola-Kogen": 1:10,000, 2004.10
"Taishakukyo & Skola-Kogen": 1:15,000, 1:10,000, 2008.5
"Kokuminkyukamura Taishakukyo": 1:5,000, 2010.5

Previous maps can be seen at our website.

Embargoed area:

Following area is embargoed.

Passage through the area on public road other than the purpose of orienteering and its training is allowed.

Climate and weather:

May in Japan is the best season with moderate climate and mostly good weather. The average temperature in daytime is 17 degree Celsius, with the lowest 10-12 and highest 20-22.

Training opportunity

There will be no opportunity for training. However, a local sprint event will be held on May 3rd in the nearby area.

Instruction for the wear:

There is no restriction of competition clothes and shoes. However, the organizer recommends full cover clothing.

4.Other information

Visa to Japan:

For visa information and entry details, please contact your nearest Embassy of Japan. If you need a letter of invitation from JOA to apply for a visa, please contact the organizer as early as possible. JOA will prepare necessary documents and send them by EMS.