Training Camp Information

Final accommodation details and entry form for the training camp are
now available. If you are to participate in the training camp, please
download and fill in the entry form and send it back to by e-mail.

★ Supplemental information

Please note that accommodation fee of rank A-C includes breakfast and dinner,
which consist of different varieties of food and quantity. Log House, Cottage and
rank D accommodation do not include meals. However, there are various
restaurants and fast food shops within the Resort. The average cost would be around
800 yen. A small convenience store is also available within walking distance
(200m) from the Resort.

During the training camp, a local competition will be held around the Rusutsu
resort. The detail of the competition will be announced soon.

★ Schedule

March 11(TUE) – March 16(SUN): XC courses are available
March 12(WED) – March 14(FRI): Model event at Terrain 1
March 15(SAT): Middle distance event (Expected starting time 14.00)
March 16(SUN): Model event at Terrain 1 & Terrain 2

★ Price list

Training Camp Entry Fee: ¥5,000
Hokkaido Competition Entry Fee: ¥3,000


Rank A (3 people private, Breakfast & Dinner) ¥12,600 per person per night
Rank B (2-4 people private, Breakfast & Dinner) ¥10,500 per person per night
Rank C (Dormitory, Breakfast & Dinner) ¥8,400 per person per night
Rank D (Dormitory, No meals) ¥5,500 per person per night

Self catering (Log House & Cottage, self catering)
Max. 6 people ¥35,000
10-12 people ¥48,000
18-24 people ¥90,000

Meal options:

Breakfast ¥2,100
Dinner-A (buffet) ¥3,675
Dinner-B (course dinner or buffet) ¥4,725

Light meals: from ¥400 to ¥1,500 (until around 19.00)

Rental partition board: ¥40,000
Rental iron: ¥5,000